7 effective Steps turns your translation company global from local

7 effective Steps turns your translation company global from local

1. Structuring a clear strategy for this huge change.

2. Market research for the target countries to know which, products it needs, the various languages is used also, which sectors specifically need a translation.

3. Build a professional team of qualified translators holding a high knowledge of culture, proofreading, and editing.

4. Open up to a market or two, concentrating your business at these markets owns you the ability to manage this change in a good way.

5. Accordingly, to which market you target, hire native translators to handle that target.

6. Opening branches of your company in targeting countries is a great step to know the target audience’s needs and culture.

7. Moreover, to gain a good online presence build a professional website into the language of your target countries.


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Interpretations Services Vary | TransHome

Interpretations Services Vary: Which One Do You Need?


Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is ideal for conferences, lectures, and other group events. The interpreter orally translates the spoken language into your language as soon as it is spoken. Although, simultaneous interpretation means interpreting “at the same time” language is spoken, the interpreter listens, processes the words into the new language while keeping the intended meaning the same then formulates their response. A good simultaneous interpreter can accomplish this in only a few seconds.


Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is a great option for events where the speaker is expected to take regular breaks, like during an individual or group interview. After the speaker finishes asking a question or talking (can take anywhere from several seconds or a few minutes), the interpreter processes what was said for language accuracy and meaning then imparts the verbal translation at a steady and reasonable pace.


Travel Escort/ Travel Interpretation

If you are traveling on business especially to a country where you are unfamiliar with the language and/or culture, hire a Travel Interpreter (also known as a Travel Escort) to accompany you to meetings, lectures, workshops or any other event. This person can act as an assistant while you interact with various people during your trip and may even help you learn some ways to navigate your way around the new country.            


Whisper Interpreting

While simultaneous interpreters use a headset to listen to the speaker and a microphone to directly interpret into your headset, a Whisper Interpreter does not use any special equipment to interpret, rather, they sit next to you and “whisper” in your language as the speaker is talking (simultaneous interpretation). This requires the interpreter to verbally translate language accurately and maintain a steady pace of processing cognitive information and formulating a response in addition to keeping their voice down.


Scheduled Telephone Interpreting

Also called over-the-phone interpretation (OPI), scheduled telephone interpreting is ideal for phone interviews and virtual conferences or meetings. It is convenient for interpreters since they do not need to change locations. Individuals needing this type of service have to contact the provider ahead of time to schedule a time for the call which may involve simultaneous or consecutive interpretation but is usually requested for consecutive interpretation. 


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5 Common Mistakes When Localizing for Cultural

5 Common Mistakes When Localizing for Cultural

1. Assuming a word or expression means the same thing in both languages

Beware of words that may sound similar in both languages. For example, while “tίmida” in Spanish can mean timid, “embarazada” does not mean embarrassed. Even if a translator is almost certain of a word’s linguistic or cultural meaning, they should look it up.


2. Forgetting that animals, emojis, symbols, and gestures may vary from culture to culture

Much like the care a translator needs to use with words, they should be especially careful when using images, animals or colors to convey emotions. Including an image of a dog to convey a brand will be looked at very differently in China versus in the Middle East.


3. Ignoring symbols, shapes, and colors of the target culture’s flag

A nation, state, province, city or even a small town will value its flag and all the meanings it portrays very highly. Knowing about a culture’s flag gives a translator good insight into a group’s shared values and principles. 


4. A good translator should be one of the best researchers in the professional world

To ensure that the new content (copy, audio or images) is accurately tailored to a particular culture, translators have to do extensive research. This task includes analyzing online or offline customer behavior, local market trends, behaviors and ideas, societal rules, and traditions.


5. Choosing an effective translator can be tricky

Professional translators are expected to put in a good amount of time to develop existing cultural knowledge. Translators with existing cultural knowledge and great research skills can complete translation projects expertly and promptly.


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Have You Heard These Industry Secrets?

Have You Heard These Industry Secrets?

Use Website Localization in Dubai to Help Your Business Grow

Website translation helps increase your credibility with prospective clients,

Due to the ease of outsourcing language sources, finding a website translated into several languages has become a norm to the average website visitor. People expect this feature to be on the websites of top businesses, which makes it no surprise that more companies are trying to win that great first impression with visitors. A local business in a diverse area may opt for website translation as a way to strengthen its brand.


Ensure that the brand stands out among the competition,

Market research includes analyzing what other businesses that offer similar products and services are doing to increase converting traffic. Experts have noticed a direct relationship between the rate of converting traffic, bounce rate, and the number of language choices available. Also, these brands are often the most popular among companies in their industry.


Using an SEO strategy extends to practically every part of the website code,

Website localization and SEO translation experts make sure that the Meta description and Meta tags (among other HTML factors) are correctly coded and don’t affect the speed of the website. There is a consideration of usability and website speed that goes into these processes also. Getting each piece of SEO-rich content translated multiplies your chance of a higher ranking on popular search engines regardless of what language the visitor

uses to search.


Website translation (website localization) is a great way to maximize ROI,

Businesses that have been going strong for years and even decades know how to maximize ROI by investing in the right services and controlling costs. Website translation has been named one of the essential business expenses that do just that (Hubspot, 2014). More businesses are using website translation as a tool to analyze new foreign markets and collect information to make their commodities more appealing.


Many of the websites that are translated into 2 or more languages are investments,

Business owners and marketing managers often are not fluent in the language choices they offer to visitors nor do they rely on in-house resources. To save on hiring linguists, these financially-savvy professionals rely on outsourcing website localization services as a business expense.


Consider this investment while your competitors are doing just that,

Quality website translation may be pricey because top language service providers are keen to hire only talented linguists. When in doubt remember that what we shared earlier, many of the websites that are translated into 2 or more languages are investments.


Top Reasons Diverse Website Visitors Make Purchases,

Brand Name

Even if your company is in the startup stage and has not yet gained popularity, consider factors that make an appealing brand name. Entrepreneur.com shares.

 Product Visibility

Physical stores know that product placement is an important marketing technique and online stores are not that different. Clear copy (in the target language) and strategic content placement play a direct role in encouraging prospects to click on Buy or contact your company.


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Google translation | TransHome

All About Google Translation

Free Online Translation 


Need a quick (and brief) translation,

According to the Washington Post, this online language tool is getting more accurate in translating 5,000-character excerpts. This is equal to about 5 or 6 sentences. The 10-year old feature is great for translating several languages but can still be more accurate while translating others.

When you are traveling for business or pleasure,

Take the online tool with you and use it anywhere in the world for an instant, relatively general, translations. Download the application and use it right from your smartphone anywhere you have a good internet connection.

If your budget is a work in progress,

There may be a time when your translation budget really cannot handle any Translation Services fees. Here you might consider the extra time it takes to copy, paste, and edit short excerpts a good investment.

If you have some experience using the target language,

Google Translate is one of the easiest online tools to use across age groups and business industries, however many finished translations were found to have several missing words or awkward phrasing making it imperative to have at least some knowledge of the new language.


Hire a Professional Translation Agency


Need a global project translated for a target audience,

Imagine translating your entire project one short paragraph at a time. Not to mention, you will need to copy and paste every 5 to 6 sentences into the online tool, copy and paste the translation into a new document and finally edit for language accuracy and meaning for the new audience. If this is all the translation you need in a language you are familiar with, go for it.

Your original document contains personal or secure information,

Like with all online tools and correspondence, consider not inputting secure information into the fields. Professional translators are held to a strict code of confidentiality and are trained to handle sensitive information with care.

There are several top translation companies that provide a surprisingly affordable translation,

If your translation project will take time away from other important tasks, do not despair because of a low budget. Shop around for a Certified Translation Office in UAE  to ensure that large projects and longer reports get translated accurately and in a lot less time.

If your work, especially global marketing projects, would be more effective with native language translation,

Translation companies are known for their preference of hiring native speakers with at least some cultural knowledge this ensures translation transparency in the new language and has farther reaching benefits for your brand, including helping to increase website traffic and generate leads.

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Why should you sent your content to a professional translation company

5 Reasons to Send Your Content to a Professional Translation Company

1. Get Digital Content Localized

Getting your content localized is a great way to reach customers in target markets through quality language services from seasoned translators.

2. Multi-Language Projects

Choosing a Professional Translation Agency means that you can request large projects translated into several different languages.

3. Deadline Adherence

A good professional Legal Translation Agency will work with you to come up with a realistic deadline that will get your projects completed when you need them.

4. Quality Assurance

Professional companies have different specialists who check your projects, so your content ends up getting checked, edited, and proofread many times.

5. High Cultural Intelligence

Expect your content to be translated by language experts who should also possess a good degree of cultural intelligence to go with their language ability.

Contact TransHome Dubai Translation Services and get a Professional Translation Services.

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14 Essential Skills Professional Translators Share

14 Essential Skills Professional Translators Share

  1. Fluency and advanced writing, speaking, and listening skills in native and secondary-language(s).

  2. Attention to detail and observant.

  3. Have strong background knowledge of the culture that corresponds to their language specialty.

  4. Comfortable working as part of a team while overseeing tasks.

  5. Possess great organizational skills that aid in balancing multiple projects or parts.

  6. Have a working knowledge of the translation field and its professional translation processes and possess good working skills.

  7. Aware of the factors that make a quality translated piece.

  8. Have the ability to proofread and edit rapidly without sacrificing quality.

  9. Have excellent time management skills.

  10. Open to getting and using constructive feedback.

  11. Value building trusting relationships with clients.

  12. Good command of using technology devices and various software.

  13. Open and able to quickly master new software as needed.

  14. Constantly seek out opportunities to learn new language and cultural facts.

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9 tips for promoting your business online

9 tips for promoting your business online


You are excited about your business’s new website, this might be the first tangible evidence of your business going public or breaking into a new market. Even if you have been in business for years, promoting your business website is required for continued growth. Read on for 9 ways you can promote your business online. 

1. Backlinks

Make sure that all your online content on other websites contains link back to your website. For instance, if you have commented on a relevant, quality blog, don’t forget to include a quick URL. Google likes backlinks and the more you people click back to your website the better your Google ranking will be.

2. Develop an online presence

Entrepreneur Middle East explains that, in order to promote your business website, brand, and services, you should start talking to other people online. Make time to participate in relevant discussions and signing with your name and URL. Developing an online presence also includes starting company pages on various social media platforms

3. Optimize SEO

Statista.com notes that Google Chrome for Android and Google Chrome 59.0 are leading other internet browsers by 27.56% and 20.67% respectively.  Like backlinks, the more traffic you attract the better your rankings will be. Your website needs to include the relevant keywords that are researched, reviewed and checked.

4. Be accessible

Start a page on relevant social media platforms and services people to contact you on those pages, by phone or by email. A to participate is a plus because some individuals prefer in-person meetings various social the services you are offering. Make it easy for clients to contact you however they want.

5. Publish an article or newsletter on another website

Again, make sure you go where your prospects are. The more popular the company brand becomes the more visitors you will attract to your website. There are many places online that let you write a guest post 

6. Register your business in an online directory

Many people who need a specific product or service will access a directory like Yellowpage.com and Local.com then input their keywords instead of doing a keyword search on Google.

7. Post surveys and sweepstakes

People love sharing their opinions, reviewing products and playing games. Create a poll or drawing with a prize for anyone who visits the website. There are several websites and apps that will walk you through the steps to develop an online poll or survey.

8. Send periodic newsletters

Entrepreneur Middle East suggests sending regular newsletters that are especially targeted for your audience and contain information about your service and products as well as helpful, relevant information for your client/customers and prospects to use immediately.

9. Consider offering a freebie

Your website should include downloadables, discount codes for products special information and the like that your visitors can use immediately and benefit from either in their personal life or business world making sure the freebie is relevant to your brand.

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russian translation services in Dubai | TransHome

Russian Translation Services in Dubai

Russian Translation in Dubai

We provide various types of Russian translation services in Dubai at such as Certified Russian Translation Services – Russian Legal Translation Services – Russian Website, Software, Apps and Games Localization Services, We also provide Russian Subtitling, Voice-over, Dubbing, and Russian DTP & Typesetting services, as one of the best subtitling companies in Dubai.

TransHome has a wide network of native Russian translators who have profound experience in various areas of expertise.

Our network includes professional translators who are ready to translate from more than 120 languages to Russian (vice-versa) with high standard quality.

Russian translation services in Dubai, Russian Translation Services

TransHome Offers Certified Russian Translation in Dubai to Bridge Cultures and Erase Language Barriers                             

TransHome provides notarized and certified Russian Translation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for various types of documents.

We offer Russian to English (Vice-versa) & Russian to Arabic (Vice-versa) translation services at very competitive rates and the fastest turnarounds.

Our Russian translation services extend to include:

  • IDs, Passports Marriage, Death and Divorce Certificates
  • Degree, Course, and Diploma Certificates
  • Reports, Correspondences, Civil Register, and Tax Cards

Reliable Russian Translation in Dubai

TransHome as a Legal Translation Office in Dubai provides excellent quality, reliable and professional Russian legal translation in Dubai for various types of legal documents, for example, but not limited to

  • Contacts and Agreements, Memos and Arbitration Documents
  • Regulations and Laws
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Shipping and Commercial Documents
  • Criminal Records

Get Assigned to Project Managers and Translators Strategically

Depending on the topic of your project, you will be matched with a project manager who has worked with clients on similar projects. This experienced professional will then assign your project to the most appropriate Russian translator.

Moreover, we offer English to Russian certified translation services (vice-versa) as well as Russian into Arabic certified translation services (vice-versa).

Do not forget to ask about our notarized translation services that are also provided by trained professionals.

 Find Affordable Certified Russian Translation in Dubai

We dedicate ourselves to making the most of your budget by promising affordable rates that vary according to your project. Ask for a Free Quote now.

Pepsi Cola Be the New Culture in Dubai | TransHome

Pepsi Cola Be the New Culture

Marketing Strategy: Association for Greater Cultural Meaning

A previous article from Entrepreneur Jeremy Ellens explains that marketing to your audience’s emotions is far more effective than marketing to their sense of reason.

To get positive emotional reactions from viewers Pepsi-Cola hires famous figures from popular culture to pose in ads and act in commercials letting audience members associate their brand with the people and activities they like.

Look at the Pepsi commercial that aired during the 2018 US Super Bowl. Cindy Crawford, a well-known American supermodel, and actress, happily drinking from the famous blue “Can” on a hot day (YouTube is a great way to review commercials around the world).

American audiences might associate her with beauty, health, and success. In Egypt, Mohamed Salah’s image is seen on beverage Cans, on billboard ads, and even in TV commercials. This choice encourages people to associate drinking Pepsi with cheering on their favorite sport and team.

Using popular figures diverse audiences idolize seems to be doing well for the global business that made over $9.7 billion in beverage sales alone, according to Forbes.

Pepsi Cola Be the New Culture in Dubai | TransHome

What You Can Do

Since it might not be in your budget to hire a famous ballplayer or supermodel to star in TV commercials (or to buy airtime) and pose for ads, you can help your new audience develop an association between your product or service and something that specific cultural values with localized web content.

When it is your business website development, we recommend sending your site’s brief to TransHome for content development, writing, and globalizing it to multiple languages. You should also as consider the SEO translation services that will boost your online presence and your website is ranking on the search engines.

Only then will your website be ready to attract the right target audience and generate qualified leads.

Then your website will be ready to appeal to what a particular culture likes. Take the time to find out about your new audience’s culture. According to what we observed in Pepsi-Cola’s advertisements and read about their marketing strategy, the popular culture of a country, including its favored actors, sports, music, holidays, and movies is a treasure full of great information that can make your marketing campaigns more effective.


Let our language experts take care of globalizing your website, promotional materials, email campaigns, DTP Translation Services, videos, and so much more!

TransHome has been helping businesses to translate documents, localize/globalize websites promotional materials, and create catchy slogans & taglines for the most successful business in the MENA region for more than 20 years.

Our language experts are as culturally knowledgeable as they are linguistically talented. We offer a variety of professional UAE Translation Services in more than 120 languages.