Dubbing Services

Dubbing is considered to be the most common language-related service in the cinema and television industries. Dubbing services are the art of adapting the languages of produced visual materials into the target audience’s language, as it goes through stages of creative processes starting from transcribing the dialogue into written content, translating it into the target language, selecting the appropriate voice talents, operating studio voice-recording equipment to complete sound syncing processes.

Dubbing Services from TransHome

Dubbing Services in Dubai, UAE

Preserving the Cultural Aspects:

At TransHome, we believe that dubbing is more than adopting the languages of visual materials into the target audience’s language; it is making the final content appeal to the new audience’s language and culture. We care about exerting whatever efforts are necessary in every project we handle in order to preserve its original meaning while delivering the new language in the most natural, native style. In addition, we pay special attention to the various cultural aspects you need to be included in each project as well as to preserve its emotional effects.

Outstanding Quality:

TransHome provides excellent dubbing services for a wide array of languages from all over the world, including languages that are the native languages of European, Asian, or Middle Eastern countries. We have language experts that can handle more than 120 languages for short video clips or longer movies and shows. Be assured that your project is checked and re-checked for accuracy and meaning, so you are receiving a high-quality finished project from a very dedicated expert team of professionals.