Why do I need Professional Subtitling Services from TransHome?

Consider hiring a Professional Subtitling Services provider to add subtitles to your instructional videos, marketing clips, or entertainment media. Subtitles are added to your media in the original language of the speaker and can be translated into a new language if you want. Our language and technology experts have had years of experience providing small to large businesses with various multimedia services, including Subtitling Services, to make their services and products more accessible to a wider pool of prospective and current customers.

Professional Subtitling Services in Dubai

The Difference between Subtitles and Captions in Media Services

Subtitles that are not translated into a new language, but presented in the original language of the speaker are sometimes called captions. The media services experts at TransHome.

TransHome as a Certified Translation Office in Cairo, and Dubai offers Professional Subtitling Services, we can add captions in the original language, subtitles in a new language, or provide a drop-down menu of several languages that your user can choose from.

The Latest Software Programs and Technology Equipment for Subtitling Services

All speech in your media is written in the original language and checked to ensure completeness. These documents are then sent through the most appropriate, modern computer-assisted translation (CAT tools) software programs and then edited and proofread carefully by a language specialist who handles that language.

You need skilled professionals who know how to manage all the technical aspects of creating perfectly-times subtitles for dialogues. With quality subtitles worded and timed accurately, you are helping prospective customers become lifelong buyers.

TransHome is one of the best Subtitling Companies in Dubai

It is highly recommended to include subtitles in all educational videos because effective teaching practices should target multiple learning styles. In other words, your educational video should teach people who learn visually with diagrams and pictures, auditorily through dialogue and sounds, or verbally through writing and reading. People with linguistic intelligence need subtitles to fully understand your lessons also.

Subtitling training videos and webinars is also an invaluable tool to make sure your employees receive the same time professional development.

Game Developers Make Video Games More Accessible and Enjoyable

Gamers also say that having subtitles available makes it easier to follow the script and dialogue while enjoying the sound effects.  This is a service that your current customers need and prospective customers look for. Also, the availability of subtitles can often tell game shoppers a little bit about the publishing company. Also, seasoned gamers expect to have several language choices. Let’s give them what they expect and give you the best competitive deal possible on all your subtitling services needs.

Consider Your Business Industry and Audience’s Need for Subtitles

Like the educational field that usually provides educational video courses and media with subtitles, the professionals in the medical field might have an elderly audience with diverse needs or want to use their videos for training purposes.

Not to mention, people across age groups might not be able to hear your media clearly for whatever reason and should be able to enjoy your creativity as well. Make all prospective clients, customers, and supporters feel valued by your obvious willingness to meet diverse needs.