Game Localization Services with roughly 2.2 Billion Gamers across the globe and sales revenues up to 108.9 US Billion Dollars at the end of 2017, undoubtedly, the video games industry draws its strength and imposes control on wide segments of the global economy, as it is considered as the most widely spreading entertainment nowadays.

In the international gaming business, we help several game studios all over the world to provide a better gaming experience through our comprehensive game localization solutions which complement the game development processes.

Game Localization Services in Dubai, UAE

We understand the gamers’ concern!

Many interesting video games would not spread unless game localizers had creatively localized them.

On the model of, the uncanny valley, gameplay bugs and frame rate drops certainly give a bitter gaming experience to any game. Game Localization is a necessary part of the game development processes for the final product completion that every development studio needs in order to reach wider segments of the target gamer communities.

The Power of the Quality:

We are not only a game localization agency! But also, we have a team of Video game localization experts who feel the gamers’ pain and they give the proper cure. Our game localization services convey and adapt your entire game’s content into the target language. Our services improve the end-user gaming experience and add a native flavor to your game.

Our QA & testing processes ensure that everything is well adapted and correctly in place.

Game Localization Services from TransHome

Area of Expertise: Equipped with 15 years of market expertise, TransHome gained profound experiences in a wide array of various sorts of game localization services. For example but not limited to:

  • Script Translation Services.
  • User Interface Localization Services.
  • Start Menu Localization Services.
  • User Manual Translation Services.
  • Graphics Localization Services.
  • Print Materials Translation Services.
  • User Agreement Translation Services.
  • Game Voice-acting & Dubbing Recording Services.
  • Game QA & Testing Services.
  • Marketing Collateral Game Localization Services.