Many visual and audio materials are needed to provide professional transcription services for most areas, such as Business and Learning. TransHome has a team of technical experts and linguists who transcribe several types of multimedia. We aim to provide high-quality content for any number of speakers involved in a single multimedia product.

Transcription Services


Transcription services from TransHome:

In addition, TransHome as a Certified Translation Office provides post transcription services in Dubai, such as content translation, editing, revising, proofreading, copy-writing, and trans-creation services.

“Our transcription services go through four basic processes that ensure top quality standards”

Transcription Process:

Videos and audios are divided into sections and transcribed by professional technical experts. 

Review Process: 

Those technical experts then combine the transcribed files into one file and our professional linguists review the entire text and add timestamps and speaker tracking to the finished transcription. 

Proofreading Processes: 

Our language experts then carry out the proofreading and grammatical checking processes to ensure text consistency. 

(QA) Quality Assurance Process:

Finally, QA Specialists do a final review to ensure general consistency and accuracy for the transcribed texts. 

We are ready to receive various kinds of materials and software extensions whether they are created by Adobe InDesign – Illustrator or QuarkXPress, we can handle it! We are able to localize all your promotional materials regardless of the source language and the desired target language. We are able to work with more than 120 languages. For more inquiries, you can order an Online Free Quote or Contact us and get Professional Transcript Translation Services in Dubai.