Interpretations Services Vary: Which One Do You Need?


Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is ideal for conferences, lectures, and other group events. The interpreter orally translates the spoken language into your language as soon as it is spoken. Although, simultaneous interpretation means interpreting “at the same time” language is spoken, the interpreter listens, processes the words into the new language while keeping the intended meaning the same then formulates their response. A good simultaneous interpreter can accomplish this in only a few seconds.


Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is a great option for events where the speaker is expected to take regular breaks, like during an individual or group interview. After the speaker finishes asking a question or talking (can take anywhere from several seconds or a few minutes), the interpreter processes what was said for language accuracy and meaning then imparts the verbal translation at a steady and reasonable pace.


Travel Escort/ Travel Interpretation

If you are traveling on business especially to a country where you are unfamiliar with the language and/or culture, hire a Travel Interpreter (also known as a Travel Escort) to accompany you to meetings, lectures, workshops or any other event. This person can act as an assistant while you interact with various people during your trip and may even help you learn some ways to navigate your way around the new country.            


Whisper Interpreting

While simultaneous interpreters use a headset to listen to the speaker and a microphone to directly interpret into your headset, a Whisper Interpreter does not use any special equipment to interpret, rather, they sit next to you and “whisper” in your language as the speaker is talking (simultaneous interpretation). This requires the interpreter to verbally translate language accurately and maintain a steady pace of processing cognitive information and formulating a response in addition to keeping their voice down.


Scheduled Telephone Interpreting

Also called over-the-phone interpretation (OPI), scheduled telephone interpreting is ideal for phone interviews and virtual conferences or meetings. It is convenient for interpreters since they do not need to change locations. Individuals needing this type of service have to contact the provider ahead of time to schedule a time for the call which may involve simultaneous or consecutive interpretation but is usually requested for consecutive interpretation. 


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