14 Essential Skills Professional Translators Share

Fluency and advanced writing, speaking, and listening skills in native and secondary-language(s). Attention to detail and observant. Have strong background knowledge of the culture that corresponds to their language specialty. Comfortable working as part of a team while overseeing tasks. Possess great organizational skills that aid in balancing multiple projects or parts. Have working knowledge of the Read more about 14 Essential Skills Professional Translators Share[…]

russian translation services in dubai

Russian Translation Services in Dubai

Certified Russian Translation Services in Dubai  We provide various types of Russian translation services in Dubai at such as Certified Russian Translation Services – Russian Legal Translation Services – Russian Website, Software, Apps and Games Localization Services, Russian Subtitling, Voice-over, Dubbing and Russian DTP & Typesetting services. TRANSHOME has a wide network of native Russian Read more about Russian Translation Services in Dubai[…]

Pepsi Cola Be the New Culture

Pepsi Cola Be the New Culture

Marketing Strategy: Association for Greater Cultural Meaning In a previous article from Entrepreneur Jeremy Ellens explains that marketing to your audience’s emotions is far more effective than marketing to their sense of reason. To get positive emotional reactions from viewers Pepsi-Cola hires famous figures from popular culture to pose in ads and act in commercials Read more about Pepsi Cola Be the New Culture[…]

Arabic Website Localization Services

Arabic website localization services are the processes of taking your website and all the copy it contains and making it appeal to another market in a new country. This increases your website’s effectiveness in a new country. Arabic website localization services include translating words and phrases accurately while preserving meaning and intention. In order to ensure Read more about Arabic Website Localization Services[…]

Arabic Translation Services

Do you need Arabic Translation Services in Dubai? TRANSHOME provides professional Arabic translation services in many areas of expertise such as Legal, Medical and Human Resources, Marketing & Advertising, Software, Apps, Websites and Games translation and localization services. We have network of more than 3,000 native professional linguists who provide accurate and specialized Arabic translation Read more about Arabic Translation Services[…]

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